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Send date: 2009-01-10 09:40:34
MEP to Open 2009 SICP Activities
On February 7, a delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection will land in Rome, opening the new year of the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program activities with a course on Air Quality Control.
Sustainable Energy Week
The third edition of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will take place in Brussels, Belgium, and in other cities across Europe from February 9 to 13, 2009. In addition, many side events are foreseen during the previous and following weeks.
CMCC New Supercomputing Center
The Euromediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) just inaugurated its new supercomputing center in the University of Salento (Italy), one of the most important structures in Europe for the realization of scenarios on the effects of climate change.
Clean Energy Project
IBM and Harvard University researchers recently launched the Clean Energy Project, a new project of the World Community Grid, the world's largest public computing grid created by individuals collectively contributing their unused computer time. The project aims at finding new materials to be used for the next generation of cheap and efficient solar cells and later energy storage devices.
Japanese Satellite Measuring CO2 Concentration in the Atmosphere
The Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite IBUKI (GOSAT) was launched on January 23, 2009 from the Tanegashima Space Center, Japan.
VegaWatt - Energy from Waste Cooking Oil
Vegawatt is an innovative cogeneration system for restaurants and food service facilities, which uses waste cooking oil as a cheap and readily available source of fuel to generate on-site electricity and hot water, thus saving thousands of dollars as well as providing a clean and renewable source of energy.
EEA Signals 2009 - Key Environmental Issues Facing Europe
Signals 2009 has been just released by the European Environment Agency.
2009 State of the World Report by Worldwatch Institute
This year edition of the Worldwatch Institute State of the World Report has the subtitle “Into A Warming World” and contains detailed analyses of the global situation and aims at providing directions for concrete undertakings.
ENEL Power Plant in Fusina Allowed to Burn More RDF
A decree signed by the Italian Minister of the Environment Stefania Prestigiacomo allowed the ENEL thermal power plant in Fusina (Venice) to double the quantity of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) burnt in replacement of the same quantity of coal to produce electricity.
Renewable Energy Industry Can Deliver More Than 20%
This is what is said by the European Renewable Energy Council in their recent document “Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap 20% by 2020”.
RES LEGAL - Legal Sources on Renewable Energies
The English version of the R(enewable) E(nergy) S(ources) LEGAL database has become available online.


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