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Send date: 2009-07-10 09:45:45
Presentation of the Book “Sustainable Development and Environmental Management: Experiences and Case Studies”
Venice, July 16, 2009
On Thursday July 16 2009, at 12.30 pm, the book “Sustainable Development and Environmental Management: Experiences and Case Studies” (C. Clini, I. Musu and M. L. Gullino eds., Springer 2008) will be presented to the public and to the Press at the Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice.
Executive Session on Water, Health, and Development
July 20-21, 2009. Venice International University, Venice
For the third year Venice International University will host the annual Executive Session on Grand Challenges of the Sustainability Transition, an event promoted by the Sustainability Science Program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.
Welcome the Delegation - VIU_NDRC "Capacity Building on Climate Change"
Italy, June 20 – July 4, 2009
The delegation from the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission features mostly general or deputy directors from provincial and municipal development and reform commissions. The lectures and site visits of this training aim therefore at giving an overview on the causes and issues connected to climate change, and the possible solutions to be adopted.
Welcome the Delegation - VIU_MEP "Environmental Monitoring Management"
Italy, June 13-27, 2009
It is the second training in 2009 dedicated to this important topic. Following the successful experience of the first edition, the agenda takes into consideration the main environmental parameters such as water, air and soil. The goal of the course is to provide the participants from the Chinese Ministry for Environmental Protection with practical examples from the Italian institutions involved in monitoring activities.
Air Pollution 2009
Tallinn, Estonia. 20 - 22 July 2009
The 17th Annual Meeting of the International Conferences on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution this year will be held in Tallin, Estonia, from July 20 to 22.
The conference is organised by the Wessex Institute of Technology and supported by the International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning.
New Biogas Urban Network for Energy Supply
An Innovative Solution to be Experimented in Germany
The town of Lünen, North Western Germany, will soon receive the 30 to 40% of the energy supply it needs (heating included) from an innovative dedicated network completely fuelled with biogas.
Towards Energy Self-Sufficiency and CO2 Reduction
A Brilliant Example of Local Action
In 2006, the village of Fintry, Scotland, was informed that a wind farm would be built in their municipal territory. Instead of opposing the project, as most local communities often do, the village asked West Coast Energy to have an additional turbine built, in order to buy it and exploit its revenues.
IBM New Water Cooled Computer
Massive supercomputers consume vast amounts of electricity, with about half of the energy spent for cooling the processors in order to prevent them from overheating.
The well-known American company IBM, in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), is working on a project that might change the current situation. The objective is to produce a supercomputer that wouldn’t use water to keep the system cool and might even recycle some of the waste warmth to help heat the university where it will be housed.
Green Week - Changing Our Behaviour
Brussels, Belgium. June 23-26, 2009
The biggest annual conference on European environment policy, organised by the Directorate-General Environment of the European Commission, will be held from June 23 to 26 in Brussels, Belgium.
First Global Wind Day
June 5-25, 2009
In 2009 the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) joined forces with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) in order to coordinate the first Global Wind Day, after the success of the European Wind Day 2007 and 2008.
The Global Wind Day is an awareness campaign for the promotion of wind energy worldwide.


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