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Globalization Program at VIU - Call for Application
Spring 2010
Applications for the Spring 2010 Globalization Program at the Venice International University to open on October 6, 2009. The Globalization Program is devoted to the study of economics, environment, ethics and development in the globalized world. It consists of one Semester at VIU with a set of advanced courses followed by an internship period.
The Course on Local Sustainability and Action II
VIU, Venice, Italy. Sept 27 – Oct 3, 2009
In order to effectively reach global significance, Sustainability should start from local actions.
With this goal in mind VIU, REC, Agroinnova and IMELS organized the second edition of the "Course on Local Sustainability and Action", addressed to civil servants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia. The Course will conclude on October 3.
Welcome the Delegation - VIU_TSTC “Eco-city”: Application and Case Studies
Italy. September 12-26, 2009
The 2009 first delegation from the Tianjin Science and Technology Committee attended a training course on “Eco-city: application and case studies”. Considering that Tianjin is an industrial city, green industry and environmental certifications were at the core of the VIU training agenda.
Welcome the Delegation – VIU_CASS E-learning Study Tour on Eco-Management: Strategies and Policies
Italy - September 10-19, 2009
For the distance learning program organised by the VIU in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 15 Chinese civil servants and professors travelled around to visit several institutions and companies, focussing on practical solutions for a Sustainable Development.
etc Newsletter 10 now online
Focus on Environmental Emergencies
The focus of NL10 stems from the terrible earthquakes that devastated Wenchuan County (Sichuan Province, China) on May 12, 2008, and Abruzzo Region, Italy, on April 6, 2009.
Starting from these natural disasters, the editorial team decided to dedicate a number of the Environmental Training Community Newsletter to environmental emergencies, presenting also possible solutions that can help face them.
To download the electronic Newsletter click here.
Confucius Institute Now in Venice
On September 22, 2009, a new Confucius Institute was inaugurated in Venice. The creation of a local Institute in Venice was possible thanks to the cooperation agreement signed by Cà Foscari University of Venice, Capital Normal University of Beijing and Hanban last year. The Venetian office will be directed by Professor Marco Ceresa (Cà Foscari University) and Professor Rao Qin.
World Habitat Day
October 5, 2009
Since 1986, the first Monday of October every year has been designated by the United Nations as World Habitat Day. For the year 2009 the United Nations chose the theme "Planning our urban future" to raise awareness on the need to improve urban planning to deal with new major challenges of the 21st century.
Fresh and Salty Water to Produce Electricity
A New Technique Being Developed by Italian Researcher
A device able to produce electric energy from the mixing of salt and freshwater has been developed by Doriano Brogioli, a researcher at University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy. The process of extracting freshwater from marine water requires energy. The reverse therefore should allow energy production, but so far nobody had succeeded in getting the result.
European Offshore Wind 2009
During the opening session of European Offshore Wind 2009, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) presented the “Ocean of Opportunities” report. According to this recent study, offshore wind energy should succeed in providing 17% of the energy needed in the entire European continent by 2030.


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