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A Chinese Garden to Open at VIU Campus on the Island of San Servolo
On March 12, 2010
A ceremony will take place on March 12, 2010 at 11 a.m. on the VIU Campus of San Servolo Island to lay the foundation stone of the Chinese Garden designed by Master Ye Fang, which will be built in the next months.
Innovation and Sustainability - Project Launch event
March 19, Treviso
VIU and the Treviso Young Entrepreneurs (Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori di Unindustria Treviso) launch the “Project on Innovation and Sustainability” that aims at promoting the awareness on innovative sustainable patterns for production. The project will officially be presented at the General Meeting of the Group on March 19 in Treviso at the presence of Corrado Clini.
Etc Newsletter 11 now online!
Focus on Contaminated Sites
Western and developing countries are involved in different degrees in the problems related to contaminated sites, which are the focus of the recently released 11th issue of the Environmental Training Community Newsletter, now available online.
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Welcome the Delegation – VIU_BMEPB Environmental Monitoring Management
Italy. February 27 – March 13, 2010
Collecting and analysing reliable and up-to-date data is essential in order to understand what interventions and policies must be adopted to make a city more sustainable. For this reason the municipality of Beijing decided to devote one of the 2010 trainings addressing its Environmental Protection civil servants to the theme of Environmental Monitoring Management.
Reconciling Domestic Energy Needs and Global Climate Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for China and India
International Workshop on March 15, 2010. Venice, Italy
In both China and India, wealthier consumers and fast growing industries are demanding an ever increasing amount of energy. Governing this energy revolution in a sustainable way will be essential for controlling global concentrations of Greenhouse Gases. The event organised by the FEEM, the ICCG and the CMCC will address this issue.
Globalization, Economics and Sustainabilty: Conversations and More at VIU
VIU, Venice, Italy. February 25, 2010
The crucial role globalization plays in the world today at all levels, from policy-making to everyday life, has been making it the central issue of VIU programs and activities for the last two years.
A one-day event on globalization, economics and sustainability opened the Spring 2010 and Globalization Program Semesters at VIU on February 25, 2010.
SISTRI, the New Italian Tracking System for Dangerous Waste
Presented by IMELS
The Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea (IMELS) recently presented a new system for the tracking of special waste on the Italian territory.
The SISTRI project aims at following special waste all along their routes from production to the disposal sites, thus avoiding mishandling or frauds.
Italian Climate Change Tower Integrated Project
Inaugurated in Ny Alesund, Norway
In January the Italian National Research Council inaugurated a new monitoring station in the Arctic Region, the “Amudsen-Nobile Climate Change Tower”.
Methane to Markets Partnership Expo
New Delhi, India. March 2-5, 2010
The second edition of the Methane to Markets Partnership Expo will be held in New Delhi, India from March 2 to 5, 2010. The first Expo was held in 2007 in Beijing, China, counting more than 750 participants coming from 34 countries.
A Chance to Let New Green Ideas Be Known
Greener Gadgets Design Competition
Go Mechanical Charger gained the highest score by web surfers in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition that closed yesterday in New York. This interesting event gives small firms and unknown researchers the chance to have their ideas known by presenting a prototype of their green gadget to compete in the contest.
Internet is Becoming Green!
A Solution to Use Internet Saving 50% of the Energy
Internet is a high energy demanding tool with a big carbon footprint. It is estimated a global consumption of about 868 billion kWh of electricity per year to run internet and all associated infrastructures. An international staff of researchers studied new protocols for increasing the energy efficiency of the PONs.
Capturing Carbon with Copper
A New Discovery in the Search for CO2 Removal Systems
A team of Leiden University, led by Elisabeth Bouwman, recently published a research on Science Magazine, about their discovery of a dinuclear copper(I) complex being oxidized in air by carbon dioxide (rather than O2), thus capturing CO2 while generating a usable compound.
International Workshop on ‘‘Climate Change and Social Adaptation’’
Venice, Italy. 18-19 Feb 2010
With the aim of increasing the understanding of factors, barriers or drivers conditioning the social and behavioural dimension of adaptation to climate change, the ICCG, together with Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and the CMCC organised an International Workshop on ‘‘Climate Change and Social Adaptation’’ held in Venice on February 18-19, 2010.


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