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Send date: 2010-12-10 10:06:31
The Advanced Training Program in 2011.
The Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea once again has fully recognized the importance and impact of the Advanced Training Program on Sustainable Development and Environmental Management: a total of 512 Chinese civil servants, policy makers and entrepreneurs are expected to visit Italy in 2011, whilst the beneficiaries of the 30 training courses scheduled for 2011 (including distance learning and session in China) are expected to be around 1,050.
Lights and Shadows at the Cancun Conference
After the failure of the Copenhagen meeting, 2009, The United Nations Climate Change Conference, which took place in Cancun, Mexico from November 29 to December 10, 2010, succeeded in finding a widely shared agreement on climate change, which nevertheless raises conflicting feelings in the global community and encompassed the sixteenth Conference of the Parties (COP) and the sixth Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP).
Infrastructure Project of the Year.
On December 2nd 2010, in New York the 12th annual Platts 2010 Global Energy Awards took place.
The Adriatic LNC, that is the world’s first offshore Gravity Based Structure (GBS) for unloading, storing and regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), won the Award in the Premier Project section, under the category “Infrastructure Project of the Year”.
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Beijing-Shanghai in 4 hours by train!
On April 18, 2008, the fastest railway track project kicked off in China.
The tracks will cover 1, 318 Km, connecting two of the biggest cities in China, Beijing and Shanghai, where over 135,000 workers have been employed for its realization. The track will be opened to traffic next year and is only a part of the 13,000 km of high-speed railway the country plans to build by 2012.
Weatherathome Project
A project called was started in 2003, headed by Oxford University. Now, a new branch of the project is in progress, the Weatherathome project, which aims to delve more deeply on the local weather changes which are likely to occur in specific areas of the globe.
Wind Farm Without the Turbines: the Windstalk.
Wind turbines are very common as renewable sources of energy especially with large-scale wind farms. The Windstalk is a project which changes the approach to wind energy: is made of 1203 stalks, 55 meters high and which are anchored on the ground with concrete bases that range between 10 to 20 meters in diameter.
Slow Gaochun.
The project “Slow City” was created in Italy in 1999 thanks to Paolo Saturnini’s efforts and is a successful spin-off of Slow Food projects. Many cities all around the world are included in this initiative, and now is the turn of the Chinese Village of Yaxi.


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