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SD bulletin 38

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SD bulletin 38
VIU-REC New Course for Sustainability for Belarus and Ukraine
On July 4 the first session of the new Course for Sustainability for Belarus and Ukraine will open at VIU in San Servolo. In continuation of the Course for Kazakhstan held in 2008 and the Course for Russia of 2010, the VIU and the Regional Environmental Center organize this new advanced training for 28 participants selected among high representatives of Ukrainian and Belarusian governments as well as from the business and academic sector.     
Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program July 2011
Coming Up Next at VIU

As the delegation from the Ministry of Environmental Protection ends its Italian two weeks training on "Environmental Protection Supervision and Inspection", a new group of 20 civil servants selected from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will arrive for the last SICP course before the summer break.
SICP Advanced Training Report 2010
The TEN Center of the VIU just released the Report on the 2010 activities of the SICP Sustainable Development and Environmental Management Advanced Training Program. The pdf copy for download will be available online shortly. If you're interested in receiving a paper copy, please contact us at
Corrente in Movimento – Promoting Sustainable Energy Use
Nicknamed Giro d'Italia Elettrico (Electric Italy tour), Corrente in Movimento is a new innovative project consisting in 60 stops in as many cities. An electric car is used to travel from city to city, where conferences and meetings on renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility are organized.
FAO's Regional 'Sustainable Water Resource Use in Asia'
As a part of the project on 'Analysis of Sustainable Water Resource Use in Asia', FAO launched a web conference which will be held entirely online for 12 weeks till mid July, with the main objective to create a space for the discussion of several topics such as policies and practices of water allocation, particularly in agriculture.
Soil Sealing Mitigation in the EU – Best Practices
According to a report released on May 23 by the European Commission, every year in Europe soils covering an area larger than the city of Berlin are lost to urban sprawl and transport infrastructure.
The Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) launched a new campaign in June 2011: Good Dignity Practices for Gross Domestic Product (GDP for GDP).
In the UK the first Green Investment Bank
The U.K. government has announced its commitment to quickly create an effective and permanent Green Investment Bank (GIB) - the first national bank dedicated to the green economy – that will work over the long term to deliver a low carbon transformation of the economy..
New Car Labels to Show Fuel Use in U.S.A. by 2013
In May 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Transportation Department issued a joint statement about the new labels required for all cars and light-trucks from 2013.
Tyre Schools for International Cooperation
The Tyre School is an emergency project, created from the willingness of the inhabitants of Al Akhmar (Palestina) to build a school for their own for their children, in their own village. The building technique adopted, called Earthship and coming from the first earthship houses built in New Mexico, foresees using old tyres filled with earth as bricks for walls.
LED Light Bulbs at the National Gallery
The National Gallery of London, the first Museum that is turning to LED light bulbs. The aim of this change, a result of a three year project, is to reduce CO2 emissions, save maintenance costs and, not least, improve light quality in the rooms.


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