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SD Bulletin 43

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SD bulletin 43
Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program December 2011
Coming Up Next at VIU

The two advanced training courses scheduled in December to conclude 2011 training activities address delegations selected by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).
A European Infrastructure for Monitoring GHG Fluxes
The pilot phase of the new European Infrastructure ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) was recently launched at the FAO headquarters in Rome. The project, financed by the European Commission, aims to quantify and understand the greenhouse gas balance of the European continent.
RINNOVA: the G.S.E. S.p.A. Informative Hub on Renewable Energy
Information and the raising of awareness are important tools to reach the EU's 20-20-20 goals. For this reason, following a EU Directive, G.S.E. S.p.A. launched RINNOVA, a web portal with the aim to explain the different sources, production systems and plants behind clean energy.
A New Methodology for Collecting Temperature Records
The most important scientific records used to assess global warming are the land and sea surface temperatures. In order to overcome the common criticism to these indicators, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature group set out a new and rigorous records plan in an independent, replicable and inclusive way.
Energy from Wind: Tbox and the Subway
A new technology to exploit the wind energy produced by train traffic has been developed. The project was designed by Qian Jiang and Alessandro Leonetti Luparini and was awarded a silver medal at the 2010 Lite-on awards exhibited in Taiwan.
Biodegradable Diapers to Be Transformed into Compost
Families with children could help to reduce waste production by using a special kind of diaper which can be transformed into compost. An Italian company recently presented its new line of fully compostable diapers.
Biodiesel from Cooking Oil in Rovigo, Italy
Cooking oil is one of the most difficult types of urban waste to collect and recycle. Administrators in Rovigo (Italy) have found a way to turn the problem of cooking oil disposal into an environmental benefit, converting the collected oil into biodiesel.
London Rewards Bikers and Walkers
The organization responsible for the London transport system, Transport for London, just launched an innovative program together with Recyclebank to encourage people to make greener journeys walking or using bicycle.


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