The Sino-Italian Community for Sustainable Development takes the steps from the Advanced Training Program on Sustainable Development and Environmental Management, a capacity building project for the dissemination of sustainable policies and activities started in 2003. The Advanced Training Program is presently going on with 18 new training sessions being implemented in Italy and China in 2013.

The Advanced Training Program is carried out by the TEN Center of the Venice International University, in cooperation with Agroinnova, as part of the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection a joint initiative of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the Chinese Government.

The aim of the Sino-Italian Community for Sustainable Development is to strengthen the network of participants and experts created in the Training Program. The on-line platform collects the didactic material presented in the different training sessions, the latest agendas of the on-going courses, the presentations of the site-visits with related information and contacts, and a database of Italian and European experts of the different topics discussed.

As part of the Community, the platform allows to the participants in the Training Program to continuing their training experience once back to China and be in contact with experts and staff.


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