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Urban Sustainability

Urban areas are key places for sustainable development. Waste Management, Water Pollution Prevention and Control, Energy Saving and Eco-building, and Sustainable Transport are some of the main issues common to all urban areas. There are also some specific aspects characterizing cities with large industrial areas that require integrated management in order to achieve sustainable development.


Main objectives

  • To explore the main characteristics to identify and develop an environmentally friendly city.
  • To analyze sustainable urban policies at a national and local level, with a special focus on the EU experience.
  • To explore the realities of cities characterized by important industrial areas and the innovative technologies used by firms to become environmentally friendly.
  • To analyze in depth crucial issues such as waste and water pollution management, energy efficiency, eco-buildings, sustainable transport and air pollution control.


  • Policies and Planning for Urban Sustainability
  • Air Quality Control and Traffic Sustainability
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Sustainable Management of Industrial Areas

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