The 2008 Green Olympics Impact on Air Quality in the City of Beijing
31 October 2008
Seminars in Siena and Turin, November 2008 Mr. Yu Jianhua, Director of the Environmental Monitoring Center of the Beijing Municipality, will offer two seminars on “The 2008 Green Olympics Impact on Air Quality in the City of Beijing”, on November 18 at the University of Siena and on November 27 at the Rectorate of the University of Turin.

Mr. Yu will present the results of the Beijing Municipality projects on air quality developed in the framework of the 2008 Olympic games, and will discuss the air quality issue on the basis of the efforts done in Beijing for the Olympics.

Mr. Yu will be in Italy as Head of the delegation of the Municipality of Beijing EPB participating in the Venice International University Advanced Training Program.
The Training (Nov. 15-29) will be devoted to “Air Quality Control” and will involve 21 participants of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Beijing Municipality.
The University of Siena (dept. of Economic Laws) and the University of Turin (Agroinnova) are partners of the VIU Advanced Training Program and contribute in the Capacity Building Project as experts of, respectively, Environmental Legislation and Sustainable Agriculture."

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