VIU-MIIT Training Program on Industrial Energy Efficiency
13 July 2016

From July17 to 31, MIIT_2016the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R. of China(MIIT) will take part in a training on "Industrial Energy Efficiency".

MIITtraining will open in Rome at the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Seawith three days devoted to important topics such as: promoting industrialenergy efficiency; industrial energy efficiency management and Italian projectsfor industrial energy efficiency. Lecturers form IMELS, FIRE, ENEA and WECItaly are involved to present and discuss these key topics.

Then thetraining will continue at VIU in Venice with lectures on energy efficiencypolicies, energy management systems and technologies for energy efficiency. Toprovide a comprehensive overview of these topics several experts are involved.Lecturers are coming both from Universities - Venice, Padua, Siena and Trento -and from enterprises dealing with different aspects of energy management -PoloTecnologico per l'Energia S.r.l., Galileia S.r.l., eEnergia S.r.l..

Furthermore,the training will face the practical aspects of industrial energy efficiency,since seven site visits are included in the program. Italian companies such asCeramica Dolomite, Tifs, Padua Interport, Hiref, Burgo, Turboden, and POINT canprovide good examples of the application of energy efficiency strategies.


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