Another Step Towards Cleaner Mobility
13 November 2008
Honda FCX Clarity After several years of research and technology innovation started in 1999, the 2008 Honda FCX Clarity is officially out on the road.
Honda is not actually selling the new cars but leasing 200 of them for three years to selected Southern Californians, who are the only ones living near enough to the few hydrogen refuelling stations. Japanese will join them by the end of the year.

The new cars are equipped with an hydrogen fuel cell which produces the necessary electricity for the vehicle. To do so, the fuel cell combines the hydrogen stored in a fuel tank onboard the vehicle with oxygen from the air. The electric motor is thus powered, and water vapour and heat are the only by-products.
Fuelling the car should be simple and relatively cheap, and FCX Clarity is capable of travelling up to 280 miles with a full.

The new car received many positive feedbacks by authoritative press. Some however highlight the drawbacks of using hydrogen fuel cells instead of batteries directly charged with electricity from the grid, such as the current want of an adequate distribution system and the fact that hydrogen is so far being derived from non-renewable sources.
Only time will tell whether this will be the future of less polluting individual transport."

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