ENEL Power Plant in Fusina Allowed to Burn More RDF
01 December 2008
On November 26 a decree signed by the Italian Minister of the Environment Stefania Prestigiacomo allowed the ENEL thermal power plant in Fusina (Venice) to double the quantity of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) burnt in replacement of the same quantity of coal to produce electricity.
The RDF utilised will therefore pass from 35.000 to 70.000 tons/year.

RDF is obtained from the dry fraction of urban waste, after separating paper, glass and organic matter. The resulting material has less than 15% of humidity and a calorific power of 18.500 kJ/kg, similar to that of coal.
The RDF produced in Venice comes from the plant managed by Veritas, the public utility company of the Municipality. The plant is characterised by the adoption of the best techniques and its high quality product, and has a capacity of 145.000 ton/y.

By burning RDF in the local thermal power plant, the waste cycle is actually closed and all the waste produced by the Municipality of Venice is disposed of without need of landfilling. At the same time, the sophisticated system of fumes depuration devices provide the highest degree of pollution abatement.
This way the cooperation established in Venice between ENEL and VERITAS proves how a correct approach to waste management is possible and that waste can really become a resource."

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