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Send date: 2008-02-01 14:12:49

Follow the delegation - CASS "Waste Management" - Feb-Mar 2008
For the fourth year in a row a delegation of 41 among professors, managers, engineers will come to Italy to attend a two weeks course focused on waste management. [...]
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Follow the delegation - "SEPA Air Quality Control" - Jan08
The fourth year of cooperation between VIU and SEPA started on January 19 with the arrival in Italy of a delegation of 24 people to follow a course on “Air Quality Control”. [...]
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Energy Efficiency Policies around the World: Review and Evaluation. A Report by the World Energy Council
According to a World Energy Council report concerning trends and policies for energy efficiency, Countries have learned to use energy assets more rationally, but concrete efforts from governments are still crucial. [...]
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California's New Facility to Transform Sewage into Drinking Water
As a water-shortages afflicted State, California has set up a facility able to transform 70 million gallons of treated sewage into drinking water for 2.3 million residents of the Orange County. [...]
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Estimating the Environmentally Compatible Bioenergy Potential from Agriculture
The EEA Technical Report No 12/2007 confirms that there is a large potential for bioenergy production from agricultural biomass in Europe.
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German Ship Inaugurates “Wind Hybrid” Kite Propulsion
The first cargo vessel worldwide with innovative auxiliary propulsion system, the MS Beluga Skysails, left from Bremerhaven port with destination Venezuela on January 22, 2008. [...]
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