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Send date: 2009-03-10 09:42:45
NDRC Attended their First Advanced Training Course
TEN Center was glad to welcome from March 7 to 21 the first advanced training course organised in cooperation with its new Chinese partner, the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China. The course was devoted to Capacity Building on Climate Change.
First 2009 BMEPB Delegation in Italy
Venice International University and Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau start the fifth year of their collaboration with a training course devoted to Solid Waste Management, which opened on March 21 in Rome.
Venice Plans for a Green Port with a Power Plant Fuelled by Algae
On March 23 the Venice Port Authority presented a project for the realization of a power plant fuelled by algal biomass. The aim would be to make the port energetically autonomous with green energy at zero CO2 impact.
The Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change
An International Workshop on ''The Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change'' will be held in Venice, at the Giorgio Cini Foundation on the island of San Giorgio, on April 2nd-3rd, 2009. The aim of the workshop is to gather leading researchers actively engaged in the study of the economics of adaptation to climate change.
Local Renewables Freiburg 2009 - International Conference
The Municipality of Freiburg, Germany, and ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) are organising Local Renewables Freiburg 2009, which will be held from April 27 to 29 and will address sustainable energy projects implementation in the urban environment.
Cleantech Forum XXII - Copenhagen 2009
The Cleantech Forum event series, which started in 2002, is the longest-running Clean Technology meeting series. In 2009 five events are scheduled. The first will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 28-30.
Vortex Induced Vibrations Aquatic Clean Energy
A device designed to capture and convert energy from ocean and river currents has been developed by Vortex Hydro Energy, a Michigan based company, to provide a new source of clean and renewable energy. The prototype is now being tested in the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory at the University of Michigan, and should be soon applied in a field demonstration.
New Desalination Membrane Developed by IBM
A new technology that filters out salts as well as potentially harmful toxins in water, and stands to alleviate the growing shortage of drinkable water worldwide, was presented on March 16 at the 5th World Water Forum held in Istanbul.
Wave Treader: Joining Wind and Marine Wave Power
Green Ocean Energy Ltd, an Aberdeen based renewable energy company, is currently developing a device called Wave Treader which will allow to combine in an innovative way two green energy technologies, wind power and sea wave power.
EnergyMed - 3rd Edition
ANEA (Neapolitan Agency for Energy and the Environment), after the success of the past editions, organised the third EnergyMed, the Conference Exhibition on Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency, which was held from March 26 to 28 in Naples, Italy.


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