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Send date: 2010-04-10 09:57:21
International Master Degree in Environmental Assessment and Integrated Management in Urban Areas
Venice International University is scientific partner with other seven distinguished Italian universities and Tongji University (Shanghai, China) in the two-year International Master Degree that will be carried out in China and in Italy from September 2010. The Master aims to give a full capability to successfully tackle complex environmental problems and consequent policies through a strictly integrated teaching of hard sciences, technology, economic and social evaluations.
>>Registrations are open – Call for application available here
Welcome the Delegation – VIU_MOST Low Carbon Economy
Italy. May 1 - 15, 2010
The threats coming from the accumulation of greenhouse gases (especially CO2) in the atmosphere due to anthropogenic causes and the consequent climate changes, are raising the attention on the urgent need for a low carbon economy with a minimal output of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into the biosphere. Given the importance of the issue, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People’s Republic of China was very interested in dedicating for the first time one of its training courses to this topic.
Solarexpo and Italian PV Summit
May 3-7, 2010. Verona, Italy
Solarexpo, the international exhibition and conference on renewable energy and distributed generation, is scheduled on May 5-7, in Verona, Italy. This is the most important trade fair in Italy for sustainable energy and green economy and will devote its 11th edition mainly to Polygen, PV Supply Chain, CSP, Bioenergy, Ecomove and Green Job Center. Solarexpo was preceded and inaugurated by the second meeting of the Italian PV Summit on May 3-4.
Enhancing Urban Performance: How Effective Urban Planning Can Lead to Greener Communities and Economies and Promote Social Cohesion
Prague, Czech Republic. May 3-4, 2010
As stated by the 2009 report of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), buildings are responsible for over one third of the total final energy consumption in the Regions of UNECE competence. Much of this energy is used by the residential sector. To explore the possible solutions, UNECE and the Committee on Housing and Land Management in cooperation with the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, organised an international workshop.
First International Conference on Small Business Industrial Clusters in China and Italy
Chieti and Pescara, Italy. May 28-29, 2010
The role of small and medium enterprises in the broad framework of sustainable development is the central topic to be discussed during the First International Conference on Small Business Industrial Clusters in China and Italy (Experiences and Lessons for Developing and Advanced Economies), that will take place on May 28-29 in Chieti and Pescara, Italy.
The First Bicycle Day
Italy. May 9, 2010
Bicycle is definitely the first means of transport since childhood and its role is nowadays crucial for urban sustainability all over the world.
The aim of Bicycle Day, now ready to celebrate its first edition (hopefully the first of a long series), is to demonstrate that a sustainable and friendly mobility is possible and feasible. The initiative is part of the Italian Ministry’s policies to promote urban sustainability, which started with the allocation of funds and incentives for buying electric and motor bicycles.
Funds for Renewable Energies: China and Usa Good Example!
Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race? Report
Recently Steven Chou, Secretary of the USA Energy Department, stated that the Government is ready to invest 28.4 million dollars on projects that aim to promote energy renewable sources such as biomass, wind and sun. On the other side of the Pacific China is actually the major investor: 34.6 million dollars were spent on green energies in 2009. The Pew Charities Trust just published a report about this issue titled “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race? Growth, Competition and Opportunity in the World’s Largest Economies”.
Thermal Solar: A European Guide for Local Authorities
In the framework of the ProSTO - Solar Thermal Obligation Project, funded by the European Commission (Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme), a blueprint with the best practices for solar thermal applications has been defined.
The document is actually a guide for helping local bodies (municipal, provincial and regional governments of EU Countries) involved in planning, developing, introducing and managing efficient solar thermal ordinances in their territory.
Overcoming Barriers to a New Energy System. Yale Climate and Energy Institute Conference
The first annual conference organized by the Yale Climate and Energy Institute and devoted to discussing the barriers that prevent clean energy from achieving full-scale deployment as well as solutions for overcoming those barriers, just closed in New Haven, Connecticut. Despite the worldwide agreement about the necessity to reduce fossil fuels consumption to contrast the climate change as well as to enforce sustainable economic growth, clean renewable energy still accounts for only a very small portion of the global energy production.


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