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Send date: 2008-07-10 09:32:46
Greening Buildings
Green buildings designed to save energy and meet sustainability standards are growing in number day by day. Anyway, it is also possible to take some actions in order to improve the environmental performance of older constructions.
Nano Vent-Skin
Agustin Otegui, a Mexican designer, planned an innovative “skin” to cover buildings and other structures and make them more sustainable by utilizing solar, wind, and carbon-absorbing powers.
"Green oil" from Seaweeds
Sapphire Energy, a California based company, announces a new proprietary procedure that should allow to obtain 91 octane fuel – as powerful as common petrol – from seaweeds.
Sweet Sorghum
Concerns about the impact of the increased demand of biofuels on world's food supply are more and more directing research towards other species than those used for crop production.
A New Technology for Solar Concentrators
A 'solar concentrator' producing up to 3 times as much energy as traditional panels will be hopefully developed in Trentino Region, Northern Italy, in the next three years.
New Metamaterial
Metamaterials are a new class of synthesized composites that show exceptional properties not commonly observed in nature.
Superlattice Technology
Superlattice Power Inc., a company based in North Carolina, announced the development of a new cathode material for Lithium Polymer batteries.
VIU-TEN Center Training Activities
Course for Sustainability, VIU-REC Kazakhstan
Middle Sessions – July 12-20, 2008 – San Servolo, Venice


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